Software testing bootcamp

Hands-on training for fresh graduates

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Gain industry exposure

Bridge the gap between college and work


Practical testing experience

Gain exposure to how software is made and tested in the industry by working with an application that has real users and real developers. .


Shadow experienced professionals

Pick up the nuances of testing by observing professionals with years of industry experience. Be part of an Agile team.


Modern testing toolbelt

Modern testing toolbelt: Python, JavaScript, Selenium, git, Cypress, TestCafe, BrowserStack, Postman, ReportPortal, TestRail, GitHub Actions, ...


Crack the job interview

Get detailed resume reviews, mock interviews and interview advice from seasoned professionals.


Weekly talks from industry veterans

Get an idea of what is going in the industry from software testing veterans.


Open source contribution

Stand apart from your peers by becoming an open source contributor with our guidance.


Program details

We offer an intense 3-month program for motivated fresh graduates. You will gain hands-on with experience testing. The program costs INR 45,000.

  • PRICING: INR 45,000

You are in good hands

You will be trained by a team of experienced software professionals who have a long history of open-sourcing innovative training material for testers. We have helped over a million testers worldwide through our blog, GitHub repositories and many open-sourced applications[1][2][3].


Professional testers

We are practicing QA engineers who have an interest in training. All of us work full-time at Qxf2


No spoonfeeding

The tasks we assign to you will force you to think for yourself and solve real problems.


Practical ... not theoretical

Unlike college and other training institutes, all your training is going to be hands-on.


No school like approach

You will learn by shadowing senior QA engineers and by working on real problems.


Not syllabus based

The training will not work off a syllabus. You need to do things and learn.


Real application

You will learn how software products are made in the industry by testing a real application.

About Qxf2

We are experienced testers working at Qxf2. Qxf2 provides software testing services for startups. We produce a lot of open source material to help testers stay in touch with technical advancements in the field of testing. Qxf2 has been conducting a very successful internship program since 2016. Our interns have gone on to work at companies like Mphasis, Accenture, Temenos, Bosch, TCS, Qlik, StrikeTru, Surebot Technology Solutions, Infilect, Plaxonic Technologies and of course Qxf2. Over time, we realized that the way we helped our interns bridge the gap between college and the industry could be applicable to a wider range of engineers. The approach, techniques and tools used in this training program are a result of our learning from our previous internships and our own industry experience.

This could be YOU!

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